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While having too many customers is rarely a bad problem to have, it does present its own set of issues. xiy/media was experiencing growing accounts, as well as an increasing number of accounts sent from agency partners. Each of these clients required regular reports on their advertising spend and performance.

xiy/media’s reporting process at the time was extremely manual. They would export data from Facebook, load it into Excel, work out the formatting and aggregation, then copy and paste into the final report. Each report took about an hour to complete, which, with over 40 campaigns per month, took up a lot of valuable time.


To help their clients more easily interpret campaign results, xiy/media was using Powerpoint to draft charts. But Powerpoint only offered static charts showing a snapshot of the data, and xiy/media prided itself on being innovators invested in technology. Not only did the charts feel obsolete by the time they were shared with the client, but there was a lot of human error translating the numbers into charts. That created mistrust with clients.


xiy/media wanted to automate their reporting process so they could grow the business without spending more time in this area and provide reports where a client could see all campaigns running and make decisions based on actual data. Other agencies would only send the “good stuff,” but xiy/media wanted to create a new level of transparency for their clients. As an agency that works with cutting edge companies, xiy/media wanted to show they could be an equally innovative partner, and that meant the ability to share real-time data in an easily digestible format.



In their search for the best “digital marketing suite,” xiy/media wanted a full-scale solution. For them, no other tool came close to AdStage. Now, instead of spending hours manually adding data to spreadsheets, and then trying to turn that data into usable charts, xiy/media creates tailored reports with the metrics that really matter so clients can make more competitive decisions. With Report’s ability to add drop-in tables, graphs + charts, and text or image widgets, xiy/media quickly and easily shows ad data in a way that clients find instantly useful.

Before AdStage, when xiy/media wanted to drill down on results for ad creative, they’d have to screenshot ads, manually add the screenshots to all the applicable reports, and sometimes even bug the client for media. Now, they turn to Report’s Ad Creative widget, which shows actual ad visuals just as they appear to your audience in the native network, along with selected ad-level metrics. xiy/media says it’s one of the team’s “most-used widgets,” and all their clients love it. “It’s a game changer for us. Saves a lot of time. From a messaging perspective, analyzing all the creatives at the same time is one of the most amazing parts of the tool.”



Since using AdStage to eliminate hours of manual reporting time every week, business is booming. In the past two years, xiy/media has seen a 150% increase in year over year revenue. “Without AdStage, it would be difficult to maintain the traffic and increase in ad spend under management.”

Using AdStage, xiy/media is now able to create a report in less than 10 minutes. Reports can be as complicated or as simple as needed, based on the client’s level of knowledge. Clients are extremely happy, as they can receive quick weekly or monthly reports whenever needed, and since xiy/media can create reports in so little time, they are able to take on more clients without adding new employees. The company set a goal to empower each employee to bring in $2 million dollars, and they’re close to hitting it. xiy/media says AdStage has been “fundamental” in making that happen.

The time and employee power that was once reserved for retroactive reporting is now going to functions that drive revenue and innovation for the company and clients—media planning, creative, and strategic thinking. xiy/media’s clients are pleased with the small margins and the agency’s differentiating strategy to engage existing audiences and find new business.


xiy/media quickly realized AdStage’s reporting power and integrated it into their own internal processes. They’ve set up internal dashboards to deliver monthly reports for ALL campaigns across all clients. The teams then use these reports to reveal opportunities to improve ad spend by capitalizing on emerging trends.

AdStage isn’t just a reporting tool for xiy/media, either. It’s a selling point with new clients. When pitching, xiy/media presents AdStage as a value-add perk. During the pitch, xiy/media demonstrates how they use AdStage’s tools to provide ad data in real-time with accurate reporting, present results in easily understandable visuals, and automatically optimize budgets.

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Industry: Media Consulting Agency
Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Ecuador
Employees: 10-50

xiy/media is a one-stop media consulting agency based in Ecuador, but the team is clear to point out that their services go well beyond a traditional agency or media company, and instead focus on a full-scale approach, “Connecting the dots for our clients, putting everything together.”  And their model works. They’ve worked with large companies with LatAm presences like Burger King, KFC, Banco Internacional Ecuador, and MetLife. Though the company was founded in 2013, the four founders have been in the marketing business for over two decades.


Quickly and easily visualize and analyze all cross-network paid search and paid social performance in one report. Build custom dashboards with advanced and granular filtering, create sharable, white label reports, and use the customized metrics your team needs to drive business decisions.