Valet Health expertly manages a complicated client structure

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Client complexity lead to complicated reporting

Valet Health managed a roster of large clients who each had a main brand as well as affiliate brands. The complexity of managing so many brands made it difficult to analyze and report on advertising performance. It was also a challenge to highlight the status of their clients separately from the clients’ various affiliate brands. Valet not only needed software that could help them streamline their campaign reporting but they also required hands-on customer support that could quickly troubleshoot problems and tailor solutions to their specific needs. Since there were so many brands and campaigns, customizing and white-labeling reports was also a critical need.


Report consolidates and automates data into understandable updates

Now, Valet Health uses AdStage Report to pull 19 automated analytics reports, six of which go directly to clients. These weekly and monthly reports consolidate data across multiple sub-brands and across ad networks as well. 

The reports have helped the team identify key insights and easily share them with execs and clients, in turn saving clients a lot of money. In one case, Valet Health was running a campaign for a large physician staffing firm and through AdStage Report noticed the ads were not performing well on a certain network. The team quickly paused the campaign and allocated the remaining budget to the channel that was performing well. 

Valet Health has been especially pleased with the ability to create white label presentations through Report, and use the drag and drop capability and templates to give their Reports a personalized touch quickly.


time saved and efficiencies gained

  • 55.3% increase in ROI across client accounts due to multi-channel campaigns management across brands with 2 hours of time saved per week with changes in budget allocations contributed to year over year.

  • On average, 4 hours of human resource hours per week saved and efficiencies gained due to report automation.



Spend your time on strategy, not compiling, calculating, and organizing data. With Report, you can automate your regular reporting with web-based, PDF, or Excel reports that are refreshed and sent out on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to whoever you want, including teammates and clients. Use Report to quickly identify trends, insights, and opportunities that will help you move the needle on every campaign.


Whether you manage a heavy load of clients or need to oversee a complicated structure, Report makes it easy to consolidate and visualize all your cross-network advertising performance metrics with only a few button clicks. Quickly determine if your Facebook Ads campaign is doing as well as your Google Ads campaign. You can even create custom dashboards to track and measure the metrics that matter to you in one view.

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Valet Health: Healthcare Predictive Marketing Analytics

Industry: Digital Marketing 
Founded: 2017
Headquarters: The Woodlands, TX
Employees: 11-50

When more patients started turning to digital media to evaluate potential healthcare providers, Valet Health, a healthcare predictive marketing analytics agency, saw an opportunity to match healthcare providers with the patients who were looking for them. Today, Valet Health’s predictive analytics tech platform proves systematic ROI through digital channels for integrated health systems and large specialty medical practices.

Since the parent company was founded in 2012, it’s grown to over 20 team members, 150 clients, and over $50 million in digital assets managed. Though the core of what Valet Health does is rooted in digital media, the team never forgets that their job at the end of the day is to help people find the healthcare they’re looking for. Valet Health says, “The right people must be aligned in vision, driven by purpose, and each individually doing the right things with the heart and mindset of serving others first.”