Prolifik Marketing puts an end to overspending



Overspending due to limited automation in paid media software

Prolifik Marketing was using another paid media software to handle analytics and reporting, but the software didn’t have an automation feature that allowed them to turn off ads at predetermined thresholds. Account managers were going over budget and spending non-business hours manually turning off ads. Team members were getting a work out from monitoring and manually pausing campaigns at all hours, and the price of everything was adding up, literally. Prolifik Marketingdidn’t want to pass the costs onto their clients, so the agency absorbed the overspending, cutting into their bottom line. 

Prolifik Marketing needed a solution that gave them everything they were already using, and more.


Automate halts campaigns based on budget parameters

Prolifik Marketing turned to AdStage for our Automate product as well as Report and our easy-to-use cross-channel dashboard. Now, the team can automatically pause all campaigns in an account at the end of the month when the campaign has reached its budget goal. No more getting up in the middle of the night or having to log into multiple tabs on the weekend. Automate does everything for them. 

As Prolifik Marketing dug more into AdStage’s reporting and analytics capabilities, they found even more time-saving features. Account managers use Report to send updates to clients at least once a month, they use live view dashboards to keep a pulse on overall performance, and the team uses Rules to optimize ads through dayparting. 

Account managers oversee campaigns that run on multiple platforms, and they particularly enjoy the streamlined view AdStage gives them to compare performance across all channels. Without it, managers would need to log into multiple platforms and pull all the data into a spreadsheet. AdStage allows them to see everything in one view across networks, including creative, using the Ad Creative widget. 

Prolifik Marketing calls AdStage a “great analytics tool for understanding the big picture of advertising.”


time and money saved

  • 113 hours saved per month/ 1,356 hours saved per year using AdStage.
  • Saved $70k a year compared to hiring an employee to pull reports manually.
  • Thanks to the AdStage Automate product preventing overspending, Prolifik Marketing saves 15-20% on ad spend.



Create flexible and powerful optimization rules with simple IF/THEN logic. With automated rules, you can monitor and control your campaigns based on CPA, ROAS, and other calculated metrics. No more overspending and high CPAs when Automate pauses campaigns based on the budget parameters you set. Make predefined changes to advertising when KPIs are met, have not been met, or have exceeded a desired value.


Get the most out of your budget when you schedule ads to deliver at the most optimal times of the day or week. Choose which hours and days to show your ads across your paid search and paid social campaigns and Automate will daypart your ads for you. You can use up to 5 conditions to trigger your schedule. Save time by not having to go into each platform to manually pause and start campaigns (get your nights and weekends back!).




Industry: Digital Marketing 
Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Athens, GA
Employees: 11-50

Athens, Georgia-based digital marketing agency Prolifik Marketing has a ton of local pride, and their client roster proves it. They handle SEO, content marketing, inbound marketing, and digital advertising for businesses like Athens Brain & Spine, The Commercial Bank, Athens Roofing, and Dirt Dog Manufacturing. 

Like any top digital marketing agency, Prolifik Marketing knows it offers clients something they won’t find anywhere else. In Prolifik’s words, “the two things we hang our hats on are the quality of the work we produce, and the results our clients receive. We believe that proper planning is the key to any great marketing campaign. We maximize our time and focus on tactics that work best for each client.”

“a great analytics tool for understanding the big picture of advertising.”