Saving 15 hours a week with white-label reports and flexible views across all accounts



Tedious, multi-tool reporting processes

As Biddyco grew and took on more clients, they wanted to continue to deliver their signature high-touch experience for each company, and in every interaction. “Our clients don’t see us poking around their ad campaigns, but they see our reports,” said Ben Philabaum, CEO and founder of Biddyco. For a while, the team used Google Sheets to create monthly client reports, exporting CSVs from Facebook and then pulling them into Sheets. “We then switched to a different automated reporting tool, but it had a lot of limitations and just didn’t work that great,” Ben said. “Making every report look nice took forever, and it was tedious work that took away from higher-leverage tasks that we could be doing for our clients.”


Easy, white label reports for every client

With AdStage, Ben and his team at Biddyco took the drudgery out of their monthly reports while continuing to deliver top-notch, personalized experiences for each individual client.

Ben and his team at Biddyco found AdStage’s customer success and engineering teams to be very responsive. Biddyco’s previous technology provider was based overseas, and sometimes it took more than a day for them to respond to a support ticket. “With AdStage, it’s really fast, same day, sometimes just 10 minutes,” Ben said.

After trying Google Sheets and another automated reporting solution, Biddyco found AdStage to be the best fit for their agency’s needs. “Reporting is one of those things that shouldn’t be difficult,” Ben said. “Unfortunately, a lot of times it is. If you’re spending a good amount of money on ads, AdStage is a great investment for the headaches it’ll save you and your team.”



With AdStage, Biddyco was able to save 15 hours a week, take on more clients, and grow their business. “AdStage gives you the ability to visualize data in ways you can’t do in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other platform,” Ben said. “It consolidates everything in one place, so you don’t have to waste time hopping around different platforms. The cross-network charts and graphs help you interpret data at a higher level.” For Ben, who runs the agency’s business on top of being very hands-on with client work, AdStage also helps to keep tabs on the daily numbers of all client campaigns.

Reporting is part of the full agency’s experience, and Biddyco wanted to make it perfect. With AdStage’s white label reporting feature, Biddyco customized reports for each client, including the brand’s name and custom URL. “It’s the little things, but these are what help build trust and make reporting the numbers each week much easier,” Ben said.

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Easily brand reports with AdStage's white label feature.



Biddyco: PPC campaigns for eCommerce brands

Industry: Digital Advertising
Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Employees: 2-10

Biddyco is a social media advertising agency that optimizes and manages Facebook ad campaigns, Twitter ads, YouTube ads, and retargeting for eCommerce brands. As a boutique firm, Biddyco offers each client a dedicated four-person team and their undivided attention, from initial strategy through final execution.

“We found AdStage to be the perfect solution: super simple to use, and highly customizable to really tailor our reports to each client, their needs, and things they want to see.”

Ben Philabaum
CEO & Founder