Google AdWords Management Platform

Simplify your ad management across search and display campaigns on Google AdWords. AdStage offers a complete campaign management solution for Google AdWords.


Create & Manage

Save time creating and managing campaigns across networks

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Automate the most repetitive
tasks in your workflow

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Access the right metrics, all the time, for every channel

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Automated Rules

Save time with automation

Using Automated Rules will cut down the need to monitor campaigns and make frequent, manual changes. You can set up alerts and rules to change your ad status, budget, bids, and more, based on the metrics that matter most, such as Quality Score or ad position.

Google Search Network

Increase conversions on Google

Serve ads at the exact moment a user searches for your product or service on Google. AdStage supports full campaign creation, optimization, and reporting for paid search campaigns on Google AdWords so you can reach those that are more likely to convert, all the time.

Google Merchant Center

Extend your search ads on Google Shopping

You can easily integrate your Google Merchant Center account to run Google Shopping Campaigns with a product feed. This integration is offered at no additional charge and allows you to capture your audience with product images in addition to your paid search text ads.

Google Display Network

Drive more visibility to your brand

Implement image ads across websites on the internet through the Google Display Network. AdStage allows you to create, optimize, and report on your display campaigns so you can unify your ad management and performance across other top of funnel networks.

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AdStage supports end to end campaign creation, optimization, and reporting for Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads.

AdStage vs AdWords

Feature Comparison Table


Search ad campaigns

Conversion tracking

Ad extensions

Bidding strategies


All ad groups and ads tables view

Dayparting and campaign scheduling

Rules to optimize bids, budgets, and ads

Bulk editing


Cross-network views (Search and Social)

Client and team views

Campaign management groups

Google Analytics integration


Desktop App