Continuously improve the performance of your campaigns at lightning speed with automation.


Optimization Rules

Increase performance with rules that constantly monitor and optimize your campaigns

Launch simple optimization rules that use conditional logic, such as increasing budgets for top performing campaigns or pausing poorly performing ads. Our rules for budget pacing allow you to create sophisticated cross-channel rules to optimize your PPC budget on multiple networks.

Performance Alerts

Always be aware of drastic changes in your campaign performance

Stay informed on the performance of your campaigns with alerts that notify you when you are exceeding or missing performance goals. Automatically identify trends in campaign performance so you never have to manually check the health of your campaigns again.

Campaign Scheduling

Control when your ads are served to your target audience

Dayparting is available on all five networks so you can automatically serve ads during the best performing times of the day or week. We provide you the controls to set your timezone and trigger campaigns on and off during specific hours of the day.