We’re not your typical ad team.

We’re actually technical. We’ve built our business on technology, so you know we’re here to create the tools you’ve been waiting for.


The AdStage Team

Sahil Jain
Co-Founder and CEO
Jason Wu
Co-Founder & CTO
Paul Wicker
VP of Product
Michael McEuen
Director of Marketing
Alex Lukashov
Director of Sales
Stefan Lynggaard
Director of Engineering
Kent Pearce
Customer Success Manager
Jack Matsen
Account Executive
Tyler Britton
Account Executive
Hannah Lennett
Content Marketing Manager
Margo Cleveland
Customer Success Manager
Drew Villanueva
Client Success Manager
Gordon Worley
Senior Software Engineer
Alyx Gatti
Product Marketing Manager
David Haslem
Senior Software Engineer
Harmeet Kaur
Software Engineer
Eric Foster
Senior Designer and Software Engineer
Bert Liu
Product Designer
Jacob Simon
Software Engineer
Josh Rodriguez
Business Intelligence Analyst & Marketing Ops Manager
Kimberlee Alley
Operations and Executive Manager
Jason Wang
Software Engineer - South
Karan Toor
Software Engineer
Kenny Bier
Software Engineer
Tyler Hansen
Software Engineer
Akram Bawayah
Software Engineer

Want to Join AdStage?

We are looking for candidates who want to have accountability and product ownership, value our early stage, and understand the requirements of an early startup. We’re looking for the right people with compatible cultures to help us lay the foundation for the future of our company.

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