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Consolidate, Analyze, & Take Action on Your Paid Metrics


We connect marketers to the paid search, paid social, and web analytics metrics they need to measure performance.

Cross-Channel Performance Views


Craft the perfect Search and Social PPC reports with easy drop-in widgets, table filters, custom data and more.

Always-On Optimization & Monitoring


Place your AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter campaigns on autopilot with Rules, Alerts, Dayparting, A/B Testing, Flighting and more.

Search & Social United


Compare your paid search and paid social performance, side-by-side. Make quick changes to the bids, budgets, and statuses of your campaigns.

Ship Your Ad Data Anywhere

Universal Data API

Import all of your cross-channel ad performance data into your Marketing Automation, CRM, or BI systems from a single, uniform feed.

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“AdStage has provided me the speed and efficiency to track performance across all of my networks, cutting down the time for me to create reports from hours to minutes. I am also able to streamline campaign optimization by editing ads in just a few clicks, all in one platform.”
Dandrew Cruda
Marketing at Apttus