Facebook Ad Management Platform

Reach your target audience where they spend most of their time. AdStage offers a complete campaign management solution for Facebook Ads.


Create & Manage

Save time creating and managing campaigns across networks

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Automate the most repetitive
tasks in your workflow

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Access the right metrics, all the time, for every channel

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Automated Rules

Optimize your ad spend, automatically

Monitor and drive better performance for your ad campaigns with Automated Rules in AdStage. Save time optimizing campaigns with rules that schedule your campaigns, alert you based on performance, pause campaigns, increase budgets, and more.

Overlap Targeting

Reach niche audiences with better precision

For advertisers with products or services that cater to very specific persona profiles, AdStage allows you to combine multiple layers of interest targeting in a single Ad Set. You can now deliver more relevant ads to your top prospects and in turn, receive higher conversions.

Instagram Ads

Increase visibility to your brand

Extend your ads on Instagram through AdStage. Instagram offers your brand more reach and visibility to users that are not on Facebook. The additional placement is built-in to the platform, so you can easily add it to the campaigns you wish to test Instagram on.

Website Custom Audiences

Nurture leads anywhere in the purchase funnel

The Audience Manager app in AdStage allows you create and manage Website Custom Audiences for sophisticated retargeting campaigns. Accelerate leads down the purchasing funnel with Custom Audience targeting, Lookalike targeting, and Exclusion targeting.

See other Networks

AdStage supports end to end campaign creation, optimization, and reporting for Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads.

AdStage vs Facebook

Feature Comparison Table


Link, page, app, event, and video

Custom Audiences

Conversion Tracking

Bulk image and text ad creation


Automated rules

Performance alerts

Rules to optimize bids, budgets, and ads

Bulk editing (campaign, ad set, ads)


Cross-network views (Search and Social)

Cross-account performance views

Google Analytics integration

Client and team views


Desktop App