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The AdStage Platform brings best of breed marketing tools under one roof for advertisers

Advertisers use countless tools to build successful campaigns. They need tools to find keywords, test landing pages, design banner ads, track revenue and more. With the AdStage Platform API, you can integrate new or existing complementary apps into the AdStage Platform directly. Apply for API Access

Why integrate into the AdStage Platform?

Get New Customers - AdStage apps are put in front of thousands of advertisers actively looking for a solution like yours. Integrating your tool into AdStage will help you acquire new customers.

Get Engaged Customers - AdStage apps are available from the very tool advertisers spend the bulk of their time in. Because your app will be top of mind and only one click away, AdStage will help your customers become more engaged with your tool.

Get Happy Customers - AdStage apps can be embedded directly into an advertiser’s workflow which reduces friction and makes your tool easier to use. Integrating into AdStage will fundamentally change how customers engage with your tool which is sure to delight them.

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We're currently looking for initial integration partners that will bring high value for our customers. We do co-marketing content partnerships with each of our early partners and love working with companies that value helpful content as much as we do.

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Not an app developer but think we should integrate something in particular? Let us know and we'll do our best to track that tool down or build it ourselves!

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