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Create, Manage & Optimize

Create effective online ad campaigns to grow your business and reach new customers. AdStage helps you amplify your reach across multiple networks from a single application.

Build and deploy new ad campaigns quickly and easily.
Make edits and create reports easily to see how your campaigns are doing.
View actionable insights to optimize your campaigns throughout their life.

Our Customers

Hundreds of companies of all sizes use AdStage to manage their ad campaigns:

A few of AdStage's Customers
Jeremy Bromwell
Marketing Director
We're loving AdStage so far because it helps us integrate powerful native ad types at scale while simplifying our campaign management and optimization processes.
Charles Kirkland
I liked AdStage so much that I skipped the 14-day free trial and just paid. It ROCKS!
Matt Thier
Director of E-Commerce and Web Ops
AdStage is one of the best ways I've seen yet to get a high-level view on the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.
Hafez Adel
Senior Director of Marketing
The "meta" view that AdStage takes on campaign spending allocation, looking at the performance across platforms... is great for getting a birds-eye view on paid advertising channels.
Sebastian Stadil
Founder & CEO
Sleek interface that gives a bird's view of all my online ad campaigns at one place. Saves me a lot of time from updating my Excel dashboard.
Robert Scoble
Tech Blogger
Can I just give you my credit card so I can get this right now? Because this is the hottest idea I've seen so far in 2 days.
Jonathan Kriner
Marketing Manager
Solve Media
The program's ability to adapt to our needs, regardless of spend, amount of campaigns, etc., makes it incredibly valuable as part of our advertising system.
Bianca Cloutier
Partnerships Manager
Easy to use interface that gives a solid snapshot of all my campaigns. It saves time and gives insight into how to best allocate resources on the marketing front.

Expandable with Apps

Whether you're a new advertiser or a veteran, spending $300 per month or $300,000, you'll find the AdStage apps you need to accomplish your goals.
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First-Party Apps
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Ad Scrambler
  • Sponsored Updates App
  • Automated Rules
  • Audience Manager
  • Twitter Creatives
Third-Party Apps
  • ReTargeter
  • WordTracker
  • Optimizely
  • Unbounce
Upcoming Apps
  • Crazy Egg
  • Getty Images
  • BigStock
  • MixRank
  • Canned Banners
  • Campaign Insights
  • Image Library
  • Hero Pro
  • Cinegif
  • Outbrain


Automate tedious campaign management tasks across networks, campaigns,
ad groups, ads and keywords 24 hours a day.

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AdStage supports ad creation and curation across all the major networks:

The Convenience of a Single Dashboard

AdStage consolidates multiple ad networks so you can compare performance side-by-side and make informed decisions.
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Smart Folders
Group campaigns from any network together into smart folders to organize, simplify reporting, generate common insights and manage shared budgets.
Cross-Network Reports
Download cross-network CSV reports in one click. You can finally measure your account health without manually merging spreadsheets in Excel.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Expandable with apps
  • Modern & intuitive design
  • Pre-launch insights
  • Easy to use, not heavy enterprise software
  • No long term contracts
  • No minimum required ad spend
  • No salespeople to get through
  • Just sign up to get started!

How AdStage Works

How AdStage Works